d. Set up a Job Queue

In this step, you will set up a job queue. You submit your jobs to a queue and they are dispatched to compute environment(s) in order of priority. If you want to learn more about job queues, see Job Queues.

  1. In the AWS Batch Dashboard, choose Job queues from the left pane, then choose Create job queue or Create. AWS Batch

  2. Under the Job queue configuration section, type stress-ng-queue as the Job Queue name.

  3. Choose a Priority of 1 for this workshop, but you can pick any value between 1 and 500. This option defines the priority of a job queue when a compute environment is shared across job queues. Job queues with a higher priority (or a higher integer value for the priority parameter) are evaluated first when associated with the same compute environment. Priority is determined in descending order, for example, a job queue with a priority value of 10 is given scheduling preference over a job queue with a priority value of 1.

  4. Expand the Additional configuration section and ensure that State is selected as Enabled.

  5. For Tags, optionally enter names and values for your tags. This is optional but it is considered a good practice to tag your resources. AWS Batch

  6. Under Connected compute environments, select the stress-ng-ec2 compute environment that you created previously. AWS Batch

  7. Choose Create.

  8. Once the job queue is ready, it will be visible under Job queues section. Make sure its State is ENABLED and Status is VALID. AWS Batch

Continue to the next step to set up a job definition.