d. Clean up workshop resources

To avoid unexpected charges to your account relative to this workshop, make sure you delete the cluster and associated resources.

  1. First, you need to clean up the S3 buckets:
source ~/envVars-$AWS_REGION
aws s3 rm --recursive s3://$INPUT_BUCKET/
aws s3 rm --recursive s3://$RESULT_BUCKET/
aws s3 rm --recursive s3://$INPUT_BUCKET-logs/
  1. Then you can delete the repository created earlier to store the image for both AWS Batch and Lambda with the following command:
aws ecr delete-repository --repository-name fsi-demo --force --region $AWS_REGION
  1. As you learned how to create the infrastructure with AWS command line in previous sections, you are going to delete the stacks deployed with CloudFormation console as an alternative way for operations. After identifying the “fsi” stacks and choose which one to delete, you can delete the two stacks one after the other by clicking the “Delete” button.


  1. Now you are ready to delete the Cloud9 environment created for this workshop: cloud9

  2. Find the IAM role used for this workshop from the IAM console and delete the IAM role created for Cloud9 iam-role

  3. At the end, you will delete the CloudWatch log groups created for this workshop by choosing “Delete log group(s)” from CloudWatch console log-groups